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Great customer services from the start to the finish - highly informative and worked very hard to make sure that all of my questions were patiently answered and we are happy and comfortable with the final product.  Highly recommend them. 

Matt Martin

Excellent services!. The representative sent by this company knew his solar product completely and didn’t disappoint.  They have been excellent getting back to me in a timely way and answering our most fundamental questions.  This company was very flexible regarding scheduling my installation.  It was done effectively during an afternoon.  Terrific techs worked on project.  Highly recommend them! 

Dan Peterson

They did such fantastic work. We were getting new roof completed at same time and these guys worked flawlessly with my roofer. We feared that in case I went with any high volume installers, we would be middle man constantly and arranging the schedules etc. Our roofer also had great praise for this company. So happy with installation and overall performance of the solar panels.  

Debbie Lee

Just installed our next project with this company - they did such an excellent work on our first home 3 years ago, we just didn't think even twice about hiring them again for our new home’ solar installation!  They did a superb job and communication has been wonderful at all points. I absolutely recommend this company. 

Analee Hills

Excellent, outstanding solar services provider!!! We are extremely happy and satisfied by working with this company and their whole procedure.  They came right on scheduled time from first appointment, follow up was top class, and clean up was excellent.  I would recommend this company 100% without reservations.   

Marilyn Unis

Our family had purchased 2 solar panel systems because of this company’s extensive product knowledge, their follow thru and their expertise.  Both the techs are creative, dependable and patient.  They know to do a work efficiently, keep their clients aware of progress of project and explain how everything works clearly.    

Derek Yasmin

These guys go beyond simply being installer of the solar panels.  They actually help advise and handle the whole project.  They placed a system as a part of a home remodel.  And as our project kept on getting delayed, they incredibly were flexible in changing the scope, timing, etc.   

Merry Levis

You can’t find a better solar services provider than this company. I was particularly diligent when getting the solar for our home.  This company wasn’t the cheapest, however they offered a highly competitive package and thus we went with this If you are going solar, you must consider this company.  They are amazing

Joe Simon

I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They are second to none when it comes to solar installations. They are the best in Industry and I am highly pleased to have them as our solar partner.    

Robert N.

I'm very happy with our experience.  The quote they gave me was very lower than other highly rated companies. They were able to install solar on my steep 2nd story roof when the other companies couldn’t.  Communication throughout whole process was excellent.  Recommend them highly.

Paul Leone