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We are a full-services solar panel installation company. Since years, we have installed thousands of customized Solar PV units for clients across the commercial, residential, and government markets. Because of increased demands from our clients for more power saving services and products we have since then expanded our abilities to include Solar Pool Products, Solar Ventilation, Solar Panel Cleaning and Hybrid Energy Systems.
Our unique benefit is a mix of experience, customer service, certification and accreditation, with thousands of installs since years, accreditation and certifications. Save your money by quickly going solar, save your time by partnering together with us and also save our environment by decreasing your carbon footprint.  Being solutions oriented company, we are committed to high quality installations, the client, the environment and each other.
With rapidly increasing energy rates, now is the right time to talk to our experienced and friendly staff to discuss about how you can easily future proof your own energy consumption. We even offer a lot of finance options in order to suit your specific budget so call us today itself for obligation free consultation with one of our experts. We are available readily to help you.

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Our battery storage systems allow you to collect solar energy when it's most abundant and store it for nights, cloudy weather or power outages

Firmly establishing our great reputation for installing; high quality, reliable, and customised solar systems for commercial, private, and Government customers. Our proven and established experience with installation in the city means that we know the nature of local area completely and the vital local considerations which highly assists with system performance and design. 
Unlike other solar panel installation companies in this industry we greatly pride ourselves on customized design instead of "off the shelf" systems. At our company, we know that while solar systems are simple in their concept, there are many vital and important site specific considerations which should be considered so as to ensure best solar benefits and generation are realised.
We have developed a complete in-house proprietary designing system tool that is driven by environmental, technical, and site specific parameter and outputs very accurate performance quotes. 
We proudly work within environmental sustainability marketplace as well as are recognized globally for introducing as well as delivering effective and innovative environmental solutions always for challenging applications.  We successfully integrate the latest technology parts and products with best practices principles for the benefit of environment; while attaining the greatest possible returns on investments for our customers.  Obtaining such results has been many years of research, system designing, implementation and vigorous testing.
Our responsibility in efficient-energy, renewable exceeds installing the solar products. We make sure that all the manufacturing of our solar products are domestically done and the production is sustainable. The solar products must be made utilizing the highest labor and environmental standard, as close to market as possible. We in turn help make high-paying manufacturing works and improve the national economic health whilst advancing energy independence.